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BOILER INSTALLATION in Farmington Hills, michigan And Surrounding Areas

Boiler heat is considered to be the most efficient and comfortable heat available. Humanity has been heating with water for hundreds of years and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. However, boilers from 100 years ago are much different from the boilers of today. Today’s boilers are safer and more efficient, with a wide variety of applications and smart features. A boiler’s operation is quite simple, heat water and circulate it to whatever needs heating. Normally hot water or steam circulates to baseboard convectors or radiators, but sometimes the hot water can run to fan coils or in-floor heat.


Older boilers tend to be drastically oversized and because of this, inefficient. Nowadays we size new boilers differently and far more effectively. We retrofit existing piping arrangements, and alter zone demands to improve comfort and efficiency with every boiler we install.


Utility companies acknowledge the need to improve boiler efficiencies in our homes and offices, so they offer very attractive incentives to remove old oversized boilers and install new high efficiency condensing boilers.

Eligible customers receive $800 in rebates for upgrading their boiler to high efficiency. Call us about installing a new high efficiency boiler today!

Lochinvar High Efficiency
Condensing Boilers

$800 Rebate from utility company

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