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Something is not working properly? No need to fret, we will have you up and running in no time. Our trained technicians specialize in diagnosing all makes, models, and types of HVAC/R equipment. Contact us today for same day service!

Tune-up & Maintenance

The cheapest repairs are the ones you don't need to make, so keep your equipment running smoothly with regularly scheduled maintenance. When things do break, leave it to us to get everything back to running in tip-top shape!

​Call or contact us today to talk about annual service/maintenance agreements!

Furnace or Boiler Tune-up & Safety inspection

(Includes Water Heater Inspection at no extra cost)

The MMS furnace/boiler tune-up and safety inspection is best in class. Our certified technicians perform a 38-point inspection that covers all aspects of your home's equipment to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability all season long. During the inspection we also clean your equipment inside and out, burners, sensors, drains, tubing, and other critical components are left feeling brand new. Upon completion of your tune-up, you will receive a detailed copy of your inspection for your records. (Includes one-inch pleated filter).

Message to our customers

When your home comfort system isn't working the way it was designed to, it's an intimidating and inconvenient situation. You may be asking yourself, how much will it cost to fix this? Will the company I choose try to rip me off or sell me things I don't need? Those are very reasonable questions.

At Michigan Mechanical Solutions we understand the stress that these situations put our customers under, and we pride ourselves on being a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous service company. Your physical and mental comfort is of the utmost importance to us, so you can trust our respectful and knowledgeable service staff. We perform a whole system analysis at each and every service call, which allows us to diagnose your equipment in its entirety. This process normally takes about 30 minutes and will give you peace of mind knowing that we left no stone unturned. We will inform you of any failed or failing components that are preventing your system from operating properly at that time or that may fail in the near future. Before any repair work is performed, you will be given the up-front price of that repair and the opportunity to approve it. Our technicians will never pressure you to purchase or approve anything that you are unsure of, and any recommendations given at the time of service are purely from the professional analysis of your system. So please, breathe a little easier and give Michigan Mechanical Solutions a call, text, or e-mail today!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

HVAC Michigan

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