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Residential Service/Maintenance agreements

Have peace of mind all year long with our one-of-a-kind residential agreement!


 Sign up to have your HVAC equipment regularly maintained and fully covered around the clock in. 

  • Bi-annual pre-season Tune-up and safety inspection (We will remember so you don't have to!)

  • 38-point inspection means no detail is missed

  • 15% off all repairs

  • $300 off new equipment installation

  • Priority service

  • Unparalleled support

  • year-round safety, comfort, and reliability 


COMMercial Service/Maintenance agreements

We know that to keep a business running takes a lot of moving parts. Let us keep tabs on the ones with electricity...

Join our many customers who utilize our commercial service and maintenance agreements.
How it works:

1.  Schedule an appointment to have a commercial maintenance specialist visit your location. 

2. They will inspect all of the equipment you desire to have covered under the contract.
3. Any equipment that is not operational at the time of inspection will be quoted for repair. Repairs must be completed on such equipment before it is covered under our contract.
4. Once all equipment is in running condition, we will maintain them and repair them under contract for the extent of the agreement. You can look at it like insurance, but with fewer hoops to jump through and we will never give you the "run around".


  • Regularly scheduled maintenance (we can do the scheduling, so you don't have to!)

  • Priority service

  • 15% off all repairs

  • Up to $1,000 of equipment replacement

  • 24/7 service and support

  • year-round safety, comfort, and reliability

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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