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Indoor air quality Services in
Farmington Hills, michigan And Surrounding Areas



We are a full-service company that can service or repair all indoor air quality systems. Our experts can help with any commercial or residential need. Our technicians have experience in all facets of indoor air quality repair. 

Our Heating Repair

Services Include:

  • Zoning Repair

  • Air Balance Repair

  • Remote Sensing Repair 

  • HEPA filtration Repair

  • UV filtration Repair

  • Humidification Repair

  • Dehumidification Repair



Your indoor air quality is responsible for keeping your indoor air as clean as possible. Whether you're a homeowner with allergies needing a HEPA filtration or UV filtration or a business owner trying to get a humidification system or a dehumidification system, our HVAC technicians are always ready to assist our clients.

Our Heating

Installation Services Include:

  • Zoning Installation

  • Air Balance Installation

  • Remote Sensing Installation

  • HEPA filtration Installation

  • UV filtration Installation

  • Humidification Installation

  • Dehumidification Installation



Your indoor air quality system is a vital part of your home or business, helping you breath clean air throughout the year. But if it goes wrong, it can also be very costly. Don't let minor difficulties become expensive ones. Ensure that your system is operating at its best by getting our HVAC inspection and maintenance service. 

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