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Heating Maintenance

Exceptional Heating Tune-up Services in Farmington Hills, MI

Michigan Mechanical Solutions in Farmington Hills, MI is dedicated to keeping your home's heating system running at peak efficiency. We offer the highest quality service when you need to fix your heating system. Our technicians are highly skilled, experienced, and trustworthy. Over the years, we have provided furnace and boiler tune-up services for our residential and commercial clients in Michigan. Our technicians will come on-site to inspect your system and make sure that it's working like it should.

The Michigan Mechanical Solutions furnace/boiler tune-up and safety inspection is best in class. Our certified technicians perform a 38-point inspection that covers all aspects of your home's equipment to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability all season long. During the inspection we also clean your equipment inside and out, burners, sensors, drains, tubing, and other critical components are left feeling brand new. Upon completion of your tune-up, you will receive a detailed copy of your inspection for your records. (Includes one-inch pleated filter).

Trust Our HVAC Maintenance Experts

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